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With over 230 members, our Club is always buzzing with activity.

In addition to events organised at the Clubhouse, we have a variety of activities for all interests.  

We offer  regular classes at the clubhouse in Spanish and French,  4 Art classes a week in Watercolours and Acrylics, Jewellery making, and Bridge to list a few.  

We  have an active Charity group that raises funds each year for 2 charities, one based in Belgium and one abroad. The Charity group organizes various enjoyable activities throughout the year to support these charities. 

Our walking groups have many options for all levels of fitness- every week we have two different forest walks, we also have shorter walks followed by coffee/lunch on a regular basis, and we have various Charity walks organized on weekends and weekdays.

Our Golf and tennis groups are equally active and play every week.

We have 3 bridge groups that play each week at the Clubhouse, at different levels.  We also have weekly scrabble and mahjong games, 

In addition to all these, we offer a weekly clubhouse lunch, monthly clubhouse coffees, as well as museum visits, guided tours and Tea and Talk series where we bring in speakers on topics of interest to our members. 

Come and join us!