Are you looking for something to keep your mind busy but don’t want to over-commit? 

Do you like connecting with others but haven’t quite found the right activity for you? 

Would you like some structure or routine in your life,whereby a small weekly commitment or monthly deadline would be a welcome anchor?  

Then we have something for you.

We know that over-committing just leads to volunteer burn-out, so we have divided most of our volunteer positions into bite-sized tasks so that you can enjoy them and feel part of our community.

We will pair you up with someone from the Club in the beginning to get you started and give you the support you need.

If you see something you like, please reach out to any of the BWC Committee members to tell you more or send an email to   


Clubhouse Manager

3 to 4 hours per week (Committee  or Non Committee position- your choice)

You enjoy making sure that the Clubhouse is in perfect condition. You keep an eye out for improvements and work closely with the Deputy Director and the Welcome Desk Coordinator.
  • Presents proposals, deals with maintenance contracts (gardening, cleaning, heating, etc.) and the Club’s insurance policies. Oversees work to be done. 
  • Deals with the rental and use of Clubhouse by outside parties and provides information concerning equipment and its use. 
  • Liaises with Clubhouse Deputy Director concerning health and safety aspects and liaises with Welcome Desk Coordinator regarding staffing. 
Qualifications: likes to organise, manage projects, liaise with outside parties; comfortable with email communication; speaks French


Min 0.5 day per month (non-Committee position)

You enjoy meeting people and making their experience at the Clubhouse a great one.
  • Welcome members and guests

  • Serve drinks and bar snacks

  • Sell Clubhouse Cards

 Qualifications: likes to socialise and meet new people, likes to help the Club run efficiently.

Activities Coordinator

0.5 – 1 day month (non-Committee position)

You like to be organised, you like detail and you like to make sure that members get easy access to a wide range of weekly classes and workshops. You will be working closely with the BWC Weekly News Team.
  • Be the main contact for activity leaders
  • Seek out new activities/leaders
  • Liaises with Marketing Team to promote certain activities
Qualifications: loves to be involved with other people, likes to organise


BWC Weekly News Editor

0.5 day per week (non-Committee position)

You understand the importance of providing our members with a weekly update on upcoming events and activities, so that they can fully benefit from their membership.
  • Keep a running file of Club-related items (events, notifications)
  • For new events, send Public Website Editor text and photo to publish on website
  • Draft weekly listing (in existing Word format) along with links to special event pages on website and send to Events Director by Friday noon for final editing and publication
Qualifications: ability to shorten unedited text into existing format, attention to detail (dates, times, contact information).

Passport Layout Editor

No longer available! Claimed by Doreen B

1 day per month (non-Committee position)

You enjoy creating a good-looking monthly newsletter that keeps members updated on all Club-related news.
  • Upload proofread articles from Passport Editor for online publishing by MyBWC Master
  • Find and resize photos for articles and photo albums
  • Add article and album links to existing layout and publish
Qualifications: ability to resize photos when necessary. No experience needed; if you can drag and drop, then you’ll learn everything you need in one session!

Events Director

No longer available! Claimed by  Zosia B

3-4 days per month (Committee position)

You are good at managing projects, enjoy getting a team together for events, and like to look for new ideas to add to our current agenda. This is a key position, as most of our members join the Club because of the wide variety of events on offer.
  • Ensures that the right resources (people, money) are in place per event
  • Seeks out new events to add to our calendar
  • Provides input to BWC Weekly News Team
Qualifications: you enjoy working on projects, you love to organise, you are a team player and like to inspire people to get together and accomplish something. 

Excursion Coordinator

No longer available! Claimed by Michelle vdS

3 days per quarter (non-Committee position)

If you love to travel and organise trips, then this is your dream job. Every year, we offer four full-day excursions less than a two-hour coach ride from the Clubhouse.
  • Seek out ideas for one-day excursions and finalise budget and dates with BWC Committee
  • Liaise with coach company, tour guides and venues, as necessary
  • Write Passport articles to promote excursion (two months and one month before excursion)
  • Update attendee list, check payments with Treasurer and chase late payments
Qualifications: you enjoy traveling, organising, seeking out ideas for excursions, and ensuring a wonderful day out for members four times per year.

3 to 4 hours per week (Committee position)

Social Media Marketeer

2 hours per week (non-Committee position)

You like to work online and at your own pace. You understand the importance of ‘getting the word out’ and making sure as many women (members and non-members) can enjoy our events and activities. You are part of the Marketing Team.
  • Promote specific events and activities on social media
  • Write promotional copy
  • Create visuals/posters
Qualifications: interest in marketing and promoting events

Newcomers Coordinator

1-2 days per month (non-Committee position]

You know how important a warm welcome is when you join a new social club! You will be the first contact for newcomers. You will need to have been a Club member for at least 6 months.
  • Send welcome email to newcomers and introduce to Area Coordinator
  • Organise a monthly Coffee Morning and Happy Hour for newcomers
  • Organise monthly Clubhouse Coffee
Qualifications: enjoys giving people a warm welcome, likes to showcase the Club and Clubhouse, likes to socialise 

Clubhouse Deputy Director

No longer available! Claimed by Rita M

(1 day per week — non-Committee position)

Reports to and assists Clubhouse Director in her tasks.
  • Keeps notice board, magazine and brochure shelves tidy and up to date
  • In cooperation with the Social Activities Director, purchases and maintains bar stocks, light lunch supplies, kitchen paper etc.
  • Ensures that tea towels/ tablecloths are laundered.
Qualifications: likes to organise, manage projects, keep things in order

Not convinced yet?

Here are six more reasons why volunteering is good for you
  • Purpose: Finding a purpose and feeling useful to society or a community can be very satisfying. You become part of a project where your contribution produces improvements and generates results.
  • Socialising:  You will expand your social network in this unique international setting.  It is an opportunity to meet interesting and diverse women who otherwise may never show up on your radar.
  • Test your skills: You can apply your knowledge and skills in a new context, setting your own goals and evaluating your achievements.
  • Learning: Being part of something new will expand your views and provide useful learning.
  • Improve self-esteem: Nothing can boost your confidence more than being part of something bigger than yourself.  It’s a fast track to feeling better about yourself.
  • Be healthier:  Scientific studies have shown that volunteering improves your physical and mental health, improves cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health –  so start now!

Newcomers Coordinator