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With your help, we managed to raise over €19,900 in 2021, which was beyond our wildest dreams.  How are we going to beat that this year?  We are inviting all BWC members to participate in a number of exciting social, cultural and physical activities to raise well-needed funds for our very worthy 2022 Charities.

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Donate to our 2022 Charities

The work of our charities is made possible through the generosity of individuals like you. The charities we support as a Club are in great need now more than ever.

Each year we pick two charities, one from Belgium and one from a developing country. 

We deeply appreciate your donation of any size to our chosen charities for 2022.

The charities you chose to support:

Belgian Charity 2022


The Community Kitchen provides nourishing food to sustain those who are hungry, homeless, or vulnerable in Brussels. It works in partnership with other voluntary organisations (Serve the City, Salvation Army) that distribute and serve the food where needed. In addition to much-needed funding, the community kitchen is seeking volunteers to cook and support this mammoth undertaking.   


Developing Country Charity 2022


The MBEDZA project, a Malawi-Based UK registered charity, works in one of the world’s poorest countries, with 71% of the population living in extreme poverty. Surveys have indicated an average income of just $0.60 per household per day. As of 2020, 8.1% of the adult population live with HIV, contributing to 978,363 orphaned children.  Funds raised through BWC’s efforts would directly support The Songani HIV testing and counselling Centre in Malawi. The Songani Centre also runs a project to make sanitary towels, enabling girls to attend school. 

Get involved in our 2022 initiatives:

The Book Chat

A reader can live a thousand lives (to misquote George R. R. Martin) so what’s not to like 😊

We aim to read as many books as we have time for and then meet up monthly to discuss books past and present that we have enjoyed. Any books read for the book club can be counted. Any subject matter and genre is absolutely fine, whatever tickles your fancy. The BWC reading Challenge WhatsApp group keeps abreast of the literary world, ideas and to arrange swops. As a Charity fundraiser it will cost a minimal amount of €5 a month. Members can also seek sponsorship wherever they may find it 😊. To join the challenge, please contact

Walk, Run and be Active!

Sponsored Water Walks starting in April 2022-Open to All

We are organising 10 walks focused on the theme of water. We will find glorious Belgian locations and walk around lakes, rivers and canals. It is up to individual participants to seek sponsorship or just to fund themselves 😊. If you would like to lead a walk, please contact us at

May 31st        Couture St-Germain with Rotary club

June 9th         The Tervuren lakes and along the river and back. 

June 23rd                  Muizen

July 14th                    Bousval

August 10th             Pede Park in Anderlecct

September 10th       Lasne

September 23rd –       Canals of Vilvoorde

October 15th               Grand Finale – Dijle en Lanewandeling 

Walks and Lunch around Brussels and Beyond

We are in the midst of planning another series of guided walks showing the best of this lovely city and beyond, finishing with lunch. 

Brussels 20K on May 29 2022

A group of BWC walkers and runners will complete Brussels 20K for our Charities!

Picnics in the Park-June 7th

This year we are planning two of the very popular Picnics in the Park. All Club members are welcome to join in these wonderful social events – weather permitting of course: Huisengen in June, Gaasbeek in September.

If you would like any more information, please contact us at

Watch this Space!

More activities will be added as we go along.

So, if you have any ideas how you might like to raise money, whether individually or with a group, do let us know and we will do what we can do to support you.  The more people who get involved the more money we can raise and the more fun we can all have!  For more information or details, please contact

In 2021, BWC donated €19,929 to the following charities:

Rolling Douche


In 2020, the BWC donated €11,891 to the following charities:

Association Parkinson ASBL