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Every year, the Club supports two charities nominated and voted on by its membership: one from Belgium and one from a developing country.

Throughout the year, we organise fundraising events and in 2020, we raised over € 11,000 for our charities.

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so far this year! Let's keep it up!

Donate to our 2021 Charities

The work of our charities is made possible through the generosity of individuals like you. The charities we support as a Club are in great need now more than ever.

We deeply appreciate your donation of any size to our chosen charities for 2021, or to a specific fundraising activity.

Join our fundraising activities and make a difference in 2021

rolling douche 03
Rolling Douche
A mobile hygiene service for the homeless.
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Based in Egypt, FACE helps orphans, street children and victims of abuse.
Chateau to Shelter
BWC Charity Walks in and around Brussels
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Brussels to Cairo
BWC Exercise Challenge for Charity

Our Initiatives

The Challenge-Brussels to Cairo and back

What are we doing?  We are travelling 10,000 km virtually, exercising for Charity, from Brussels to Cairo and back. Two teams of 10 BWC members, one from the BWC main club and the other from BWC Golf, are exercising their way from Brussels, home of charity Rolling Douche, to Cairo, home of charity FACE, and back again.

Each week, individuals’ kilometres are collated, and the two teams’ progress is marked on a map so we can see how far we have come and where we are on our journey. Because the route will take us through many different countries and cultures, we will publish interesting trivia about the location for each milestone we reach. 

From Chateaux to Shelter- 12 walks in and around Brussels

Over the last few years, our Club has raised money for the charities we support by sponsored walks. So once again, we aim to continue the success of the last few years and ask for your support to raise money for the chosen charities through sponsored walks.

As both our charities support the homeless, Rolling Douche for adults in Brussels and FACE for street children in Egypt, and as we are all so lucky to live in lovely homes with the opportunity to visit many beautiful Châteaux in and around Brussels, it seemed an appropriate theme.

Do join in and help make a difference to the lives of people by walking or by donating. 

The charities we support

Belgian Charity 2021


Rolling Douche (Belgium) provides free personal hygiene services  to homeless people through converted motorhomes specially equipped with decent sanitary facilities where everyone can take a shower.

By bringing this valuable facility to homeless people, Rolling douche can reach homeless people in a way that traditional building based facilities cannot. Rolling Douche assists homeless people to maintain their dignity, a vital ingredient in helping them be part of society.

Developing Country Charity 2021


FACE (Cairo) helps orphans, street children and victims of abuse by offering services that address their needs. FACE’s priority is to place children in a family, in society. Family reintegration is a priority, and institutional placement is the last resort.

FACE aims to ensure the quality and sustainability of its activities and therefore invests heavily in training and capacity building of its local staff.

In 2020, the BWC donated €11,891 to the following charities:

Giraffe Project Children's Charity

Association Parkinson ASBL

2020 will be remembered as the year of Covid 19 and our normal fund raising activities were put on hold.  But despite the lockdown we were able to raise € 11,891 through the generous donations from our members, their friends and their families.

The BWC donated €11,891 in 2020