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Each month, local artists exhibit their works of arts on the walls of the Clubhouse. Most of the artwork is available for purchase.

October/November/December 2020

Until mid November, members will able to see Régine Wilson Parent’s blue murmurations. These little understated etchings show the beauty of our Suffolk starlings. 

September 2020

Régine Wilson’s exhibition started on 30 September. Sadly, with the Covid situation, there was no preview for this exhibition.

Régine Wilson is a Belgian artist who studied art in Brussels and, furthered her education in engraving at St. Martin’s and City Guild, in London. Having married a British man, she lived in Suffolk from 2008 until now.
She loves the wide sky views of Suffolk and discovered the beauty of murmuration for the first time. Each autumn, the starlings return and create moving volumes in the sky, contrasted by the setting sun. When the sun sets, they settle in the trees for the night, it is quite magical to watch them. These sights have inspired many of her engravings.

Régine loves to draw outdoors, with the sounds of nature, with slow observation and returns many times to the same spot. She later works with the outdoor sketches. She has only had exhibitions in the UK, with other engraving artists. The exhibition at the Brussels Women’s Club, is dedicated to Régine’s late husband, Roger Wilson, a passionate bird watcher, who dedicated his life to saving the forests of our fragile planet. He was a senior conservationist with the World Land Trust.