Workshop-Becoming an International Family


REGISTRATION DEADLINE: FRIDAY 30 SEPTEMBER 2022 (please note that we only have 12 seats available in total)


Are you an expat spouse who has just moved here? Or even been here for a few years but looking for some more support in being an ‘international family’? 

Join Tanya for tips, tools and action points during this fun and practical workshop, where we’ll look at the following topics:

·      Moving guilt and how it is affecting your parenting skills (kids might have been unhappy if they stayed home too)

·      Adapting not only to local culture (Belgium) but adapting to the 50+ nationalities in school

·      Who are you?  Who are you as a family ? What are your values?

·      How do you interact as a family and how will you communicate evolving choices?

·      Walking the line between cultural/school norms and family values/moral compass. Where can you be flexible?  Where do you hold fast?

·      Cyclical friendships, for both adults and children

·      Don’t judge others from a similar cultures for making different decisions


  • Tanya Arler is a Coach, Speaker and Author of the book UNPACK – a guide to life as an expat spouse.  Having done 7 international moves over 20 years, she has gone through the emotional wringer that comes with major change, and came out the other side as a fulfilled and happy expat.
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