BWC Supports Belgian Charity in 2021: Rolling Douche

A motorhome is a vehicle in which you live more outside than in so it might seem appropriate that Rolling Douche‘s 7m-long motorhome provides services to the homeless who live outside, on the streets of Brussels. Since 2017, Rolling Douche‘s specially equipped motorhome has provided the homeless with a mobile service allowing them to take care of their personal hygiene, offering: a free hot shower, toiletries, a toilet, a set of seasonal clothes, a cuppa.

The figures speak for themselves: by 2019, Rolling Douche had totalled 1,596 showers.

The team of volunteers park the motorhome at specific points in Brussels (with access to mains water) four times a week from 2pm until 6pm. Bulle, a mobile launderette, is never far away. Rolling Douche also helps the homeless with paperwork and admin, often pointing them towards social services. 

Donations cover the cost of: toiletries, basic first aid equipment, fuel for the 7m-long motorhome, biscuits, coffee (and also soup in winter).

The dream? A new motorhome in 2021. Rolling Douche volunteers, together with social workers, institutions and charities all network and would like to see the end of homelessness by 2025. Shall we share the dream? How can you help? In many ways:

  • by joining Walkers United on one or more of the BWC Châteaux to Shelter fund-raising walks;
  • by sponsoring a walker;
  • by making a donation here

Thank you on behalf of the Belgian charity Rolling Douche and the international charity FACE in Cairo that the BWC is supporting in 2021.